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    The Team

    Our modern and constantly evolving team, has a great experience in the soccer's field, our goal is to ensure and mantain the highest professional support for our clients. Organizing tournaments and tournèe in Italy and abroad, our intention is to help various nationalities talents and clubs in their growth and confrontation. Furthermore, Fedele Management has many scouting experts all over the world. The scout's figure is that of connection between professional players and young ones who first come in contact with this world. The scouts together with the entire team prepare various evaluating opportunities for the players, to present to the biggest societies. This behind the scenes work is the main source of Fedele Management, that's why thanks to it our scouting work has grown internationally, giving the chance to expand our relationships with clubs and allowing a 360 degree vision of the talents that land and expand the major european championships.

    Francesco Montervino

    Center and South Italy Manager.

    Francesco Montervino has been a sport manager and italian soccer player, his role midfielder. After playing the his early years in Fasano, Taranto and Parma, in 1997 he goes to Serie B's team Ancona, there he lands the promotion in Serie A. In 2003/2004 he goes from playing in Naples to temporary use with Catania. After Naples's bankrupt, he's the only player of the "historic team" to lands the renewal with De Laurentis new team management. He stays with Naples from 2004 to 2009, playing also in Europa League, becoming the team's captain and establishing himself as one of the key players in the Serie A. His determination and devotion to the Naples made him a favourite of the neapolitans supporters.

    Inacio Pià

    North Italy manager and Brasile Souting.

    Inacio Pià is an ex brasilian player, his role striker. He first came to Italy at 14 years old, grew up in Atalanta nursery club, his debut with the first division was on December 2nd 2001 in the match against Inter, his first goal in Serie A during Atalanta- Fiorentina's match at only 19 years old. On January 2005 he gets a contract with Naples, at the time playing in Serie C, with the team he gets the Serie B promotion (season 2005-2006). Declared with the best player title during the Birra Moretti's Trophy, played at the San Paolo stadium between Naples, Juventus and Inter with the win of the neapolitans. With Naples he gains the promotion in Serie A starting the european conquest. He's been the first player to play and strike with Naples in Serie A, B ,C and various european champhionships.

    Michele Menolascina

    Lega Pro Manager and Scouting Puglia

    Michele Menolascina is an ex italian player, his role midfielder. Grew up in the young team of Monopoli (season 1991-1992) he played 17 matches in A League with Ascoli. Menolascina has 61 attendances and 4 strikes in Serie B always with Ascoli, and more than 350 matches in Serie C. Other clubs he played in are Spezia, Juve Stabia, Taranto and Benevento, he also did gain a National Trophy in Serie C with Brindisi.

    Luigi Ruggiero Malagnini

    Young Recruits Manager

    Luigi Ruggiero Malagnini is a talented young man with high technical and professional competencies, his role is that of coming in contact with young boys whose first professional experience starts with our management. His attentive work has been pivotal for the growth of the FM in this field.

    Francesco D'Aniello

    Center Italy Scouting

    Francesco D'Aniello is an ex player, his role midfielder. He starts his career with Albanova, Serie C , tho after just one year he moves to Serie A with Empoli having his debut in the main league. He also played with teams such as Foggia, Giulianova, Ancona, Chieti and Benevento and Salernitana.

    Massimiliano Pipoli

    Scouting Campania

    Massimiliano Pipoli has been scouting with FM for many years. He's always been a role model for his loyality, honesty and efficient work. In the years he discovered many young talents all over Campania, looking into every category and playing field. His invaluable work makes him one of the keystones of Fedele Management.

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